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APA Style Paper Format: 11 Most Common APA Style Pages to Include in Your Thesis Paper
by Peter Gallagher

When producing your thesis paper or dissertation, the APA Style rules stipulate specific pages, in addition to style guidelines for those pages. I have covered the main pages that you must have in your paper. Begin these sections on a new page. Many of them will only need one page.

1) Title Page

The title page features more than just the title. In the upper right corner, add the page header and page number "1." The Title page is always page one. Then center the title on the page. If the title needs additional lines, use double spacing. Add the author's name and the author's educational institution, or the author's home city and state.

2) The Abstract Page

The second page in your thesis paper is the Abstract Page—it consists of a 100- to 160-word introduction to your paper. Do not provide the primary text on the abstract page. The Abstract Page will include the page header (it's a 2-3 word introduction to the title), in the upper right corner, just left of page number "2."

3) Main Text Page

The principal text always begins on Page 3. Center the full title above the introduction of the main text.

4) Reference List Page

Add your Reference List after the main text page and in front of the Appendix page. In the Reference List page, include all works that you've specified in your paper, listed alphabetically. Rules for listing references under APA Style are precise, based on the kind of work, and you must adhere to them carefully.

5) Table of Content Page

The Table of Contents page should appear following the Abstract page. It is a sorted index of the paper's contents; it features page numbers to the different sections and headings in the paper. The reader can peruse the Table of Contents to leap to a specific area of the paper. When itemizing chapter headings in the Table of Contents, be certain they accurately match the chapter headings in the text. Use a leader to join the chapter heading or section name (aligned on the left) with the page number (aligned on the right). Type "Table of Contents" centered at the top of the page.

6) The Abstract Page

This page is always the second page. Never indent the abstract. Restrict it to one paragraph. If you use numbers in the abstract, type them as digits, instead of words, except if the number begins a sentence.

7) The Appendix Page (optional)

Use the Appendix page to explain elaborate equipment or to furnish unpublished tests. The Appendix appears on its own page. Use letters to distinguish each Appendix, such as "Appendix A" and "Appendix B." Certain papers will not need an Appendix page. An appendix page belongs at the conclusion of the paper.

8) Author Note Page (optional)

In the author note page, specify the affiliation that you have with the college or academic department. You also can provide disclaimers, acknowledgements; and, if preferred, you can include contact details for the author. If you obtained funding for this research, specify it on the Author Note page. Put the Author Note page after the dedication page. Some instructors and colleges refer to this page as the "Acknowledgments" page.

9) Copyright Notice Page (optional)

A Copyright Notice page indicates the paper is copyrighted material. Put a Copyright page right after the Title page. The Copyright page contains the: 1) copyright symbol, 2) the year of publication, 3) the author's name, and 4) the phrase, "All Rights Reserved." Center the entire copyright text on the page.

10) The Dedication Page (optional)

The Dedication page is identical to the Author Note page. It permits you to dedicate your paper to an individual. Put the Dedication page after the Copyright page. The Dedication page need not feature the word "Dedication" at the top; merely list your dedication in italics. Center it on the page.

11) List of Tables / List of Figures Page

Only use a List of Tables or a List of Figures page if you have at least 5 tables or 5 figures in your paper. Both list pages should show up after the Table of Contents, with the List of Tables page in front of the List of Figures page. List each table or figure with the proper title and page number, joined by a leader. Right-align the page number; and left-align the title of every table or figure.

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