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Grammar is the treatment of connected words to express thought.

Grammar is not needed for disconnected words; as, of, is, late, it, to, never, too. But grammar may apply to these same words, if they are connected, to express a thought; as, "it is never too late to fix."

Grammar teaches us how to connect words to express thought without confusion or error. It has two main divisions:

1) The Parts of Speech.
2) The Sentence.


A Part of Speech is a class or group of words associated with their use in expressing thought. A single word belonging to any one of these classes is called a Part of Speech.

The English language has eight Parts of Speech, under which we can arrange all English words.

The Parts of Speech are the following:

1) Noun
2) Pronoun
3) Adjective
4) Verb
5) Adverb
6) Preposition
7) Conjunction
8) Interjection

The English language arranges all words into classes (which we call Parts of Speech), and names each class (noun, verb, adverb, etc.). We do not have to define the words one by one. That belongs to the dictionary. In grammar we only need to know what class (Part of Speech) to which a word belongs; then grammar will tell us what to do with it, whatever the word means. Human, girl, man, computer, cat, dog, house, Twitter, and thousands of other words will be treated by grammar just alike, because they are all nouns.

That is what grammar is for: not to tell us what words mean, but how we can use them in connection with other words, in what we call "sentences."

Grammar wonderfully simplifies language. The English language has more than 600,000 words, but grammar does not bother with that; it arranges all those words in classes (Parts of Speech)—and we have to learn just eight classes!

Learn the eight Parts of Speech, and what to do with them in sentences. Then, if you get along with a few words, you will use those few correctly.

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