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Top : Word Classes

  • Anglo-Saxon Words - Words of Anglo-Saxon origin are simple, short, direct, and vigorous. They are the names of the things about us
  • Colloquial Words - Colloquialism is a form of expression which we allow in familiar conversation (written or spoken), but which we disallow in formal and dignified conversation.
  • Connecting Words - A word that connects words, phrases, or clauses is called a Conjunction. If it connects words, phrases, and clauses of equal rank, it is called a Co-ordinate Conjunction
  • Explanatory Words - A word that explains a motion word, a picture word, or an explanatory word itself, is called an Adverb.
  • Foreign Words - Many foreign words, principally French and Latin, have weaseled their way into English expressions because they are necessary to make ideas clear.
  • Generic Words and Specific Words - Words are grouped according to the subjects to which they are related. Words are classified according to the character of their meaning and origin.
  • Latin Words - Words of classical—Latin and Greek—origin and composition lend dignity and elegance to the English language.
  • Motion Words - A word that denotes action or motion is called a Verb.
  • Name Words - A word that names a person, a place, or a thing is called a Noun. A Proper Noun names some particular person, place, or thing.
  • New Words - New Words are sometimes called Coined Words. In general, exercise caution when introducing new words into your writing.
  • Old Words and Obsolete Words - Old Words are sometimes called Obsolete or Archaic. Language grows and develops, and as such, language adopts new or revised words and discards old, useless ones.
  • Picture Words - A word that pictures or points out something in regard to a name word is called an Adjective.

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Top : Word Classes