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  • Errors in Using Verbals and Gerunds - Split infinitives lack emphasis because the adverb is submerged and deprived of force — to fix this problem, we should consider the infinitive as one word.
  • What are Gerunds? - The Gerund is a verbal noun—it is derived from the verb, but we use it as a noun.
  • What are Infinitives? - The infinitive form of a verb expresses the idea of that verb in the simplest way; that is, we do not change the form of the verb or restrict it by person or number.
  • What are Participles? - The participle is a verbal adjective and always modifies some noun or pronoun; the action it expresses is a limiting circumstance.
  • What are Verbals? - English grammar has two forms of the verb that we refer to as verbals. We call them the gerund and the participle.