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  • APOSTROPHE - The Apostrophe should come under the comma rather than under the quotation marks or double comma.
  • COLON - The Colon except in conventional uses is practically obsolete.
  • COMMA - The office of the Comma is to show the slightest separation which calls for punctuation at all.
  • DASH - The Dash is generally confined to cases where there is a sudden break from the general run of the passage.
  • EXCLAMATION - The Exclamation point should be sparingly used, particularly in prose.
  • PARENTHESIS - Marks of Parenthesis are used to separate expressions inserted in the body of a sentence...
  • PERIOD - The Period is the simplest punctuation mark.
  • QUESTIONMARK - The Mark of Interrogation is used to ask or suggest a question.
  • QUOTATION MARKS - The Quotation marks are used to show that the words enclosed by them are borrowed.
  • SEMICOLON - The Semicolon marks a slighter connection than the comma.
  • WHAT IS PUNCTUATION? - The chief end of punctuation is to mark the grammatical connection and the dependence of the parts of a composition...