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  • Common Prepositions - Prepositions form but a small group—a hundred or so. No more than half are in common use today. Preposition are all the same kind; they all perform the same duty.
  • Examples of Using Prepositions - Because prepositions have different shades of meaning, you must use them with great care. Here are some suggestions to help you to use them correctly.
  • What is a Preposition? - A word is a preposition when we use it before a noun or pronoun to show position or direction.
  • WHAT IS A PRONOUN? - pronoun is a reference word, standing for a name, or for a person or thing, or for a group of persons or things.
  • Words Followed by Special Prepositions - Using the correct preposition after a word sometimes depends on which word you use. In the following examples, we underline the writer's choice of word along with the correct preposition to use.