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  • Top 20 Tips to Write in Plain Language - The goal of plain language is to provide clear, simple, and streamlined communication. This style of writing is valuable in the jargon-cluttered world of health care (and especially in our legal system), where it is crucial that communication between experts and the general public is very clear. It is important to use plain language with all consumers, not just those with limited literacy skills.
  • Understanding Abstract Words in Plain English Writing - Abstract Words: Abstract words name intangible things of condition, quality, or idea—such as ... beauty . . . culture . . . efficiency . . . feasibility . . . loyalty .. . effectiveness . . . wealth . . . etc.
  • Understanding Words in Plain English Writing - Words and their meanings are not mere matters. The nature of both has plagued philosophers for centuries. Writers and philosophers of the past such as Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas have wrestled with these "mere matters of words."
  • What Causes Pomposity In Poor Writing? - What causes pomposity in writing? Or, better still, what causes people to get pompous when they write? Two things mostly: (1) An error in judgment; and (2) an almost maniacal madness for using big words.
  • What Is Plain English Gobbledygook? - By tradition, Government writing is so loaded with status-seeking or "way-out" technical jargon (what is better known as "gobbledygook") that people outside our special word-worlds seldom see much in it except the author's self-fascination.
  • Why Plain English Writing is Necessary in Every Profession - Many trade professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, think using plain English is a way of "dumbing down" their education and expertise in an area. But, in fact, it is the other way around. If you keep using big words and legal jargon that your readers don't understand, it is going to make them feel as if you don't really care for their needs.
  • Writing Better Website Copy for Easy Reading - Plain English, also referred as plain language, is commonly used in various articles in print media and online content. It's a generalized term used for communicating to readers with clarity, conciseness and less technical language.

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