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  • Cases of Nouns - Case indicates if the noun is a subject, an object, a predicate complement, a possessive modifier, or an appositional element.
  • Gender Forms of Nouns - Only a few English nouns show the gender (the sex) of the thing. In other languages gender does not always indicate sex, but in English it does.
  • Plural of Common Nouns - Nouns usually form the plural number by adding s or es to the singular, such as: boy, boys; class, classes.
  • Plural of Compound Nouns - Compound nouns create the plural number (a) by making the first part of the word plural; (b) by making the second part plural; or (c) by making both parts plural.
  • Possessive Nouns - You create the possessive case of both singular and plural nouns by adding to the noun the Apostrophe ( ' ) and the letter "s."
  • What are Abstract Nouns? - We form an Abstract noun (abstracted) from either an adjective or a verb; it denotes quality or an idea.