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  • PROMINENT, EMINENT - Prominent means "conspicuous," "standing out so as to be easily seen;" eminent means "distinguished in character or rank."
  • PROPOSAL, PROPOSITION - "A proposal is something proposed to be done, which may be accepted or rejected. A proposition is something proposed for discussion, with a view to determining the truth or wisdom of it."
  • PURPOSE, PROPOSE - "The verb purpose, in the sense of 'intend,' is preferable to propose, since to propose also means 'to offer for consideration:' the noun answering to the former is purpose; to the latter, proposal or proposition."
  • QUITE, VERY - Quite properly means "entirely"; in the sense of "very" or "to a considerable degree" it is not in good use.
  • REAL, REALLY, VERY - Real is properly an adjective, meaning "not imaginary or counterfeit," as, "real diamonds." Its misuse for the adverbs really and very, as, "This is real pretty," is a vulgarism.
  • RECEIPT, RECIPE - Receipt, in the sense of 'formula for a pudding, etc.,' is preferable to recipe, since recipe is commonly restricted to medical prescriptions
  • RELATIONSHIP, RELATION - Relationship properly means "the state of being related by kindred or alliance": as, "A relationship existed between the two families."
  • RELATIVE, RELATION - Relative, in the sense of 'member of a family,' is preferable to relation, since relation is also used in an abstract sense
  • REPULSE, REPEL - Repulse usually implies hostility; repel is a milder term. We repulse an enemy or an assailant; we repel an officious person or the unwelcome advances of a lover.
  • RESORT, RECOURSE, RESOURCE - Resort denotes "the act of going to some person or thing"; or "that which is resorted to or habitually visited...
  • SCARED, AFRAID - The participle scared means "frightened;" afraid is an adjective meaning "in fear." Before "of," the proper word is afraid: as, "She is afraid of horses." Scared of is not in good use.
  • SECRETING, SECRETION - Secreting is the act of hiding; secretion, a physiological process or fluid.
  • SEWAGE, SEWERAGE - Sewage means the contents, sewerage, the system, of sewers.
  • SITUATION, SITE - Situation embraces all the local aspects and relationships in which a thing is placed. The site is confined to the ground on which it is erected or reposes

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