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  • BOUND, DETERMINED - Bound properly means "obliged," "fated," or "under necessity": as, "A man is bound by his word;" "We hold ourselves in gratitude bound to receive ... all such persons."
  • BY, WITH - To introduce the agent of an action by is now commonly used; the material instrument or tool is usually introduced by with: as, "Duncan was murdered by Macbeth with a dagger."
  • CALCULATE, INTEND - To calculate means properly to compute mathematically, or to adjust or adapt for something. In the sense of intend it is not in good use.
  • CARRY, BRING, FETCH - To carry means "to take along in going;" to bring means "to take along in coming;" to fetch means "to go, get, and bring."
  • CENTRE, MIDDLE - The centre is a point, or a definite place; the middle is a line, or a space, and is less definite than centre.
  • CHAMPION, SUPPORT - The word champion is very much overworked, being often used in the general sense of support.
  • CHARACTER, REPUTATION - Character is what a man is; reputation is the prevailing opinion of his character.
  • COMPARE WITH, COMPARE TO, CONTRAST - Two things are compared in order to note the points of resemblance and difference between them; they are contrasted in order to note the points of difference only.
  • COMPLEMENT, COMPLIMENT - A complement is a "full quantity or number" or "that which is needed to complete"; a compliment is "an expression of praise."
  • CONFESS, ADMIT - Admit, in cases into which the idea of confession does not enter, is preferable to confess.
  • CONTINUAL, CONTINUOUS - "Continual is used of frequently repeated acts, as, 'Continual dropping wears away a stone;' continuous, of uninterrupted action, as, 'the continuous flowing of a river.'"

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