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  • How to Write a Better Resignation Letter - Since goodbyes are hard to say, it may take several drafts before you can formulate the words for a resignation. It may involve timing a visit to your boss to resign in person. Ideally, this courtesy call comes ahead of the actual letter.
  • How to Write a Better Slogan - Have you ever dreamt about being famous for a memorable phrase? Are you good at coining words, and are you quick at making quips? If so, you may or may not have the face to launch a thousand ships, but you surely have the slogan that could launch a million ad campaigns!
  • How to Write a Better Speech - When expert speakers take the podium, you wonder how their speeches could be so effortless! You ask yourself: How did they overcome their fear of public speaking, and how do they avoid stage fright?
  • How to Write a Better Thank You Note - There are so many occasions in life when we'd like to say the words, “Thank you!” But try as we may, it seems like we can never say them enough. Have you ever felt that way? Most of us have.
  • How to Write a Better White Paper by Brian Konradt - In a way, a well-written white paper is a subtle sales pitch. It is released by the company whenever a new product or service is introduced. Whether it's all about hardware or software, its publication is part of standard procedure. Ultimately, its goal is to reach out to a population of end consumers who patronize certain goods.
  • HOW TO WRITE BETTER COLLEGE ESSAYS by Brian Konradt - Today’s personal essays revolve around the sense of personality and style gleaned from each sentence, and it’s your responsibility to harness those elements. The following tips will get you on your way to the acceptance pile.

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