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  • How to Write a Better Cover Letter - There are many instances when you'll need to write a better cover letter. Cover letters are essential when you're submitting anything from a job resume, to a grant proposal, to a research-style paper.
  • How to Write a Better E-mail Subject Line - For anyone who wants to succeed in affiliate marketing, writing better e-mails would be a very good start. In fact, the formula doesn’t rely on e-mail content alone. It begins with your subject line.
  • How to Write a Better Executive Summary for a Resume - Brief as an executive summary is, it's the key to the success of a resume. Within this summary are the very key areas which make you good at the job you do. These key areas will be your main highlights whenever you write an executive summary for a resume.
  • How to Write a Better Fundraising Letter - Fundraisers are fun because they're a whirlwind of activity! There would be fundraiser balls and parties to go to. There would be art auctions and bake sales to attend. There could even be charity walks and marathon runs to participate in!
  • How to Write a Better Grant Proposal - Grant money is given for free, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Before you receive any of it, you'll have to prove that you're fully capable of handling funds and putting them to good use.
  • How to Write a Better Letter of Complaint by Brian Konradt - Nobody likes to complain -- the least of all things you'd like to do; however, filing one may be necessary if you need to exercise fair judgment. There are situations which call for such fair criticizing, and they can be anything from a defective product to an inefficient service. If you know you're in the right, then you may decide to take specific measures to correct the problem.
  • How to Write a Better Letter of Recommendation - If you were asked to write a letter of recommendation, would you be elated or would you feel deflated? On one hand, your elation comes from the honor and privilege of endorsing someone for something very important.
  • How to Write a Better Medical Report - If you're in the healthcare industry, you'll never run out of documents to do. Known as medical reports, these documents are essential to case studies and insurance claims.
  • How to Write a Better Mission Statement - At the core of every company is its mission statement. It represents what the company stands for and what its people believe in. The best mission statements are made by writers who know the institution well and believe in the company as much as its owners and leaders do.
  • How to Write a Better MLA Style Paper - In writing an MLA style paper, it isn't so much the content which bothers you. Rather, it's the format which can be quite tedious! If you don't have a few tricks up your sleeve, then you could get lost in all the formatting style.
  • How to Write a Better Newspaper Article - There's an art and style to news reporting as you'd observe among the most well-respected field reporters and anchor people. As members of the media, they know what goes into a well-written news item.
  • How to Write a Better Reference Letter - Most people confuse a reference letter with a letter of recommendation, but there's actually a thin line which divides them. They're similar in that they both recommend the candidate and vouch for the person.
  • How to Write a Better Research Grant Proposal - If you intend on writing a grant proposal to accomodate your research grant application, you will certainly need a lot of patience (for research), self-belief in your ideas, and a tangible concept that you can convey with impact.

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