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  • How to Write a Better APA Style Paper - APA style has become a universally-accepted way of writing your college research paper. Patterned after the guidelines of the American Psychological Association, an APA style paper follows a very specific format.
  • How to Write a Better Argumentative Essay - An argumentative essay, also known as a persuasive essay, is an essay written in a formal academic style to a specific format. An argumentative essay involves developing a topic by presenting two opposing sides of an argument.
  • How to Write a Better Autobiography - From your own perspective, would you consider your life interesting? Do you think others would be interested too? If this makes you hesitate to talk about yourself and write your own autobiography, then think again!
  • How to Write a Better B2B Ad by Brian Konradt - In an intensive marketing campaign of this sort, the most important consideration is the ad copy itself! Essentially, it must be relevant to the public and related to your campaign. Like all web media, it should capture their interest and captivate their attention.
  • How to Write a Better Bibliography - Have you come to terms with the fact that, at one semester or another, you'll have to learn to write a bibliography? If you're pursuing higher academic studies and you're aiming for a master's degree, much of your future lies in writing panel-approved research papers and theses.
  • How to Write a Better Biography - It would be an understatement to say that you or anyone has lived an unremarkable life. If someone were to write your biography, they would definitely find something to say about how you've lived your life.
  • How to Write a Better Book Proposal - Your book proposal is the critical element for landing a publishing deal before you have written your book, giving you peace of mind that your carefully-crafted tome will find its way to the waiting hands of its intended readers.
  • How to Write a Better Book Review - If you admit to being a very opinionated person, you'll have no trouble at all writing a book review. No mean feat, it's a job for people who wish to express their own opinion about the contents of a book. There are no right or wrong reviews; only good and bad ones.
  • How to Write a Better Brochure - Most corporate brochures are already good, but they can be made even better. Since they represent the dynamism of a company and its people, they have to change with the times and find a new direction.
  • How to Write a Better Business Letter - There’s more to writing a business letter than knowing its basic framework. If you hope to compose a better business letter, you must improve your skills in correspondence.
  • How to Write a Better Business Plan - If there's someone who ought to believe in your business the most, it should be you! In the first place, who else can best describe the future of your venture or the path you're about to take? Who else can write a better business plan for it?
  • How to Write a Better Business Proposal - If you want to be in the middle of an ever-expanding business, then you have to be dynamic! Communication-wise, you've got to be fluent enough to write business proposals and sales bids.
  • How to Write a Better Career Summary (for your résumé) - A career summary briefly highlights your career and qualifications in list form. It is the first item that the employer will see on your résumé. Consider this line the most important element to catch the eye of the employer.
  • How to Write a Better Classified Ad - Posting your own classified ad can be tricky these days. Why? It's because they can get lost in all the muddle of get-rich-quick schemes which proliferate the ads section.
  • How to Write a Better College Entrance Essay - The essay is only one part of your college application, but it makes a significant difference on whether you get accepted or not. Like any other written composition, it must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It must be well-organized and grammatically correct.

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