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  • ONLY - This is a word that is a pitfall to the most of us whether learned or unlearned.
  • OTHER AND ANOTHER - These are words which often give to expressions a meaning far from that intended.
  • PAST TENSE—PAST PARTICIPLE - The interchange of these two parts of the irregular or so-called strong verbs is, perhaps, the breach oftenest committed by careless speakers and writers.
  • REDUNDANCIES - In the following examples the word or words in parentheses are uncalled for and should be omitted
  • RISE-RAISE - Rise is to move or pass upward; Raise is to lift up, to exalt, to enhance.
  • SAYS I—I SAID - "Says I" is a vulgarism; don't use it. "I said" is correct form.
  • SEQUENCE OF PERSON - Remember that the first person takes precedence of the second and the second takes precedence of the third.
  • SEQUENCE OF TENSES - When two verbs depend on each other their tenses must have a definite relation to each other.
  • THAT FOR SO - "The hurt it was that painful it made him cry," say "so painful."
  • THE PRONOUNS - Very many mistakes occur in the use of the pronouns.
  • THE SPLIT INFINITIVE - Even the best speakers and writers are in the habit of placing a modifying word or words between the to and the remaining part of the infinitive.
  • THROUGH—THROUGHOUT - Don't say "He is well known through the land," but "He is well known throughout the land."

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