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  • Capitalization Trade Names - Capitalize the trade names of articles of commerce, but not the noun which names the class to which each belongs.
  • Capitalizing Book Titles - Capitalize the first word and all the principal words in titles of books and literary articles, documents, periodicals, and manuscripts, plays, and pictures, etc.
  • Capitalizing First Words, etc. - The First Word in a Book, etc. The first word in every book, article, blog post, news piece or other writing should begin with a capital letter.
  • Capitalizing Numbered Clauses - Numbered Clauses, etc. The first word of each series of numbered clauses or phrases should begin with a capital letter.
  • English Capitalization - If you are an aspiring writer or you just want to pass your English 101 class, one thing you must know is capitalization. No one will take your writing seriously if you capitalize words incorrectly.
  • Enumeration of Items - Capitalize the first word in sections of an enumeration if any member contains two or more clauses separated by a semicolon or comma.
  • Executive Departments - Capitalize the names of executive departments, bureaus, commissions, etc., of the state and national governments.

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