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How to Write a Better White Paper by Brian Konradt

A standard marketing tool, a white paper is nothing more than a written report. Its primary purpose is two-fold: to inform and to persuade. Depending on how informative and persuasive you are, your white paper can result in positive feedback and increased sales.

In a way, a well-written white paper is a subtle sales pitch. It is released by the company whenever a new product or service is introduced. Whether it's all about hardware or software, its publication is part of standard procedure. Ultimately, its goal is to reach out to a population of end consumers who patronize certain goods.

Since we're good on what a white paper is, let's establish the importance of a well-written report. If you'd like to write a better white paper from now on, here are some easy steps you can follow.

Step 1: Orient your buyers.

When you're introducing a product or service for the first time, the initial step is to orient your users on this new package. Whether it's a new gadget like an iPad or Tablet, you have to teach your viewers and train them to use it.

Once they're accustomed to its operation, they can regard it with more comfort and ease. With the level of difficulty lowered, the package becomes more feasible and cost-effective to purchase.

Step 2: Avoid being too technical

If you make a topic more difficult than it already is, then you know you're being too technical. And if you switch from topic to topic, your readers would be far from amazed; they'd be lost.

Remember: Ease and comfort win as your customer's priorities. So instead of being too testy and technical, why not be more user-friendly? Whether it's technical white papers or marketing white papers that you're writing, the key is to simplify!

Simplified content is one that's better understood and easier to follow. As reports, they're no longer skipped; they're actually read. For your copy to be read page per page and cover to cover, that in itself is a compliment to your writing!

Step 3: Make good use of an outline.

Time and again, it's been proven that a simple, step-by-step approach always works best. Thus, you'd observe that most instruction manuals and white paper reports are now written in a step-by-step format.

Aside from being organized into steps, a marketing white paper can also be outlined into parts. Here's what the usual portions are:
  • The problems. Initially, you present the problem and some supporting proof that the problem does exist. Next, you inform customers about additional problems they may encounter.

  • The solutions to all these problems. These solutions come in the form of a basic solution everyone offers, as well as your own solution to the problem.
Step 4: Offer your own solutions.

The bottom line is that you have your own unique solution to the problem, and it comes with this new package. As the fourth and most crucial step, here's where you finally convince your readers to believe in what you have to say.

If you've already established credibility in the first three sections, then Step 4 will be your finishing touch. After you've informed and educated your readers, here's where you promote and sell. In the end, you must leave a lasting impression that this new package is the right choice for them!