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How to Write a Better Slogan by Brian Konradt

Have you ever dreamt about being famous for a memorable phrase? Are you good at coining words, and are you quick at making quips? If so, you may or may not have the face to launch a thousand ships, but you surely have the slogan that could launch a million ad campaigns!

If we're to tap on this million-dollar resource, then you've got to develop the ability for slogan writing. As a marketer and copywriter with your own website to promote, part of the challenge would be to write a better slogan. Here's how:

Step 1: Invest in good recall.

Most slogans don't come at the snap of a finger, but most thought-word associations do. For example, when you say it's “Finger lickin' good!”, then it must be KFC.

Many successful marketing campaigns like these are built around ad material with good recall. Because they're the first things which come to mind, they're always ahead of the pack among products and services in their category. In people's minds, they're the leading brand!

Step 2: Simplify and modify.

Because words are meant more to express than to impress, don't try to feed your slogan with a lot of jargon. These are eloquent words which can be pretty impressive and dramatic, but they're not necessarily better for your slogan.

On the contrary, the bigger goal's to simplify. Modify your writing style to suit the need. Otherwise, the more you complicate your slogan, the more it becomes meaningless.

Step 3: The shorter, the better!

One of the simplest ad copies, a slogan is meant to be short and precise. To come up with a winning one, it requires a lot of wit and creativity.

For example, let's consider a popular slogan from Toy Story. Lovable space guy, Buzz Lightyear was overshooting it the first time he said, “To infinity and beyond!” However, Disney wasn't and the phrase has become a famous byline among adults and kids.

Also, it takes more than a knack for words to be creative at writing a slogan. Since you're supposed to use the least number of words, they've got to be the best and choicest.

Thus, every now and then, word games would come highly-recommended. A form of mental calisthenics, they practice your mind and exercise your creativity.

Step 4: A slogan's best when it's relevant.

Creativity isn't all when you're writing a slogan. You may come up with the best and brightest ideas but they may be totally unrelated to your subject. In fact, they may even resemble something you've heard somewhere before...

When that's how it works, then your slogan isn't working at all. As a pre-requisite, it has to be relevant to the product you promote. It has to reflect the service you provide.

Step 5: Design it with the logo in mind.

If you already have an existing logo, make sure your slogan matches it well. In order to be effective, these two have to gel.

A helpful technique would be to learn from the pros. What are the most popular slogans and how have they made impact? For example, who would tell you to “Just do it!” and give you a thumbs-up as sure as a check mark? Nike would.

The secret behind most of these successful slogans is that they come across as sincere and honest. They don't embellish with too much hype and gloss. Instead, they make good use of honesty and humor. When these two qualities work in tandem, then you've stepped-up in your ability as a slogan writer.