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How to Write a Better Newspaper Article by Brian Konradt

There's an art and style to news reporting as you'd observe among the most well-respected field reporters and anchor people. As members of the media, they know what goes into a well-written news item.

Come to think of it, there's more to writing a better newspaper article than the who, what, when, where, and why of a story. Like a recipe which you've mastered through the years, a news article has to contain a certain number of ingredients. Without these ingredients, any news would either be half-baked or overcooked!

With these ingredients in the right measure, however, you'll be able to stir up a lot of interest in the way you deliver news. So to write and deliver only the best news every time, here are some important steps to stick to:

Step 1: Stick to the facts!

A sense of objectivity empowers you to deliver only the most unbiased reporting. To view a story from every angle, you've got to back up your write-up with research and interview.

A rare quality, integrity is also another trait to earn you respect. A quality which can never be bought or compromised, it's where you always come out a winner even when your paycheck doesn't always say so.

Step 2: Always have pen and paper ready.

If there's a skill which naturally comes to any good reporter, it's having an eye and ear for great news. But to document a news event properly, you always need to have pen and paper ready.

By pen and paper, we mean your all modes of writing and communication including your laptop, mobile phone, and voice recorder. For someone who's always on the go, these gadgets have to reliable, convenient, and available.

Step 3: Know when it's a good story idea.

Since you'll be constantly going after the news and running a copy, you've got to be quick to pick up a good story idea. It doesn't have to be as big and earth-shaking as a political scandal or a presidential election. It can cover something as small yet relevant as a local event.

Step 4: Work on your title and content.

At any rate, the key will always be to come up with an interesting topic highlighted by an outstanding title. If it's a pretty good one, your news article could end up as the day's headline!

The first two sentences of you very first paragraph should also grab at your readers and make them want to read more. Don't disregard your last paragraph either. Here's where you can follow through with an insight to make your followers ponder.

Step 5: Reach out to your audience.

Remember that, just by your news alone, you are affecting thousands to millions of lives. If you try to sensationalize the news if only to get a bigger audience, you'll be instilling fear and panic in the public. But if you deliver news that's highly informative and constructive, you'll be helping more people cope with the times.

Although your duty is only to present the news as it is, you'll actually be helping a lot of readers and viewers assess the real situation. Knowingly, you'll be providing basic facts which help people make key decisions concerning their family, health, safety, and finances.

When you get this basic recipe right, you'll enjoy the reputation of being a well-respected author and writer. You'll also earn an honest living as a reporter. Lastly, you'll be rewarded with a sense of fulfillment over a story well-run and a job well-done!