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How to Write a Better Mission Statement by Brian Konradt

At the core of every company is its mission statement. It represents what the company stands for and what its people believe in. The best mission statements are made by writers who know the institution well and believe in the company as much as its owners and leaders do.

If you aspire to write a mission statement that's better than what's expected of you, then strive to outdo yourself. Do this by following this proven method we suggest:

Step 1: Get to know your company.

First and foremost, make it a point to know as much as you can about a company. Be well-versed in its present goals and future objectives.

At the same time, be familiar with its origin and history. These say much about how well it has risen from its humble past and early beginnings.

Remember: Without these initial findings, it would be premature to let you go ahead and write the mission statement in behalf of a company.

Step 2: State your mission-vision.

At the forefront of your mission statement would be the reason why your company exists. This is the company's very vision! It's the reason why it continues to prosper.

Since the company you write about exists for a definite purpose, this has to be clearly stated. Again, choice of words plays an important role. Brief as the mission-vision is, it has to be concise yet precise!

Step 2: Describe what you do.

This is the worst time to be fancy or elaborate in your manner of writing. Rather, now would be the best time to articulate exactly what product you manufacture or service you provide.

Starting with the preposition ‘to', here are samples on how you can introduce your products or services:
  • To manufacture cement
  • To fabricate spare parts
  • To sell mobile phones
  • To craft handmade shoes
  • To print and publish books
If you search online or read corporate brochures, you'd be able to find some sample mission statements. Most of them sound the same until you figure out what makes the best of them so different!

Here's an example of how a portion of a good mission-vision would go:

“[Name of Company] is committed to produce/provide [State Product/Service] of consistent quality and that which exceeds customer satisfaction. It believes in the value of …”

We stop from there since this is the topic we're about to discuss next!

Step 3: Mention your core values.

A company's core values don't only reflect its thrusts and beliefs. They also reflect its strengths and competencies in its field of industry.

Starting with an active verb, here are samples of core values which reflect core competencies:
  • Produce quality products
  • Deliver efficient services
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Promote sustainable development
  • Apply eco-friendly methods
  • Create a healthy working environment
  • Compensate workers with good pay
  • Cover employees with company benefits
  • Minimize accidents in the workplace
  • Maintain a high safety record
  • Exercise ethics in the industry
  • Maintain good relations with peers
  • Protect the interest of investors
Since these are only draft descriptions, you'd have to organize them into coherent sentences. Arrange them by order of importance to create one cohesive whole.

So, that's how to write a better mission statement in three easy steps. If you've dedicated yourself to writing a good mission-vision, then you've outdone yourself by writing excellently and exceptionally well!