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How to Write a Better Fundraising Letter by Brian Konradt

Fundraisers are fun because they're a whirlwind of activity! There would be fundraiser balls and parties to go to. There would be art auctions and bake sales to attend. There could even be charity walks and marathon runs to participate in!

Requesting for donations, however, is an entirely different thing. An essential part of fundraisers, they're where the bulk of the job lies. And for this job, only the most reliable and trustworthy will do!

If you want to launch a successful fundraising campaign which raises donations and brings people together, then employ the tools of a good letter. Words are powerful tools in inspiring people to shell out and lend a hand.

That's the very reason why we're giving you a hand on how to write a better fundraising letter. More than a template to send over and over again, we'd like to help you develop your own style of writing. This type of writing comes with a passion and with a message!

Step 1: Rely on more than a template.

Although you're stout-hearted at rallying for donations and charities, it's quite understandable if you're weak in letter writing. Your first impulse would probably be to pattern your writing after a ready-made template which allows you to fill in the blanks.

Good if this works for you. If you're not receiving an enthusiastic response, though, then something must be missing from your letter. Most likely, what's missing is the content which reaches out and touches people's hearts.

Step 2: Send out a genuine appeal.

If you have a flair for the dramatic, send out a real tear-jerker which has people reaching for their hankies and wallets. But seriously speaking, there are people who truly need your help and their welfare's what should keep your motor running.

If you want people to rev up and act now, instill a sense of urgency in your letter. This can appeal in a straightforward yet empathic way. Reveal what the problem is and how it can be solved. Say what your organization does and how people can help your foundation do more.

If you're to elicit genuine concern and empathy from donors-to-be, use real stories and anecdotes. However, be sure that these narratives are based on fact and not on hype and fiction.

Step 3: Update your mailing list.

To be able to knock on everyone's doors without necessarily going from door to door, here's what we propose. Send out those letters and emails to communicate the need!

To get started, the technique's as simple as updating your mailing list. Check on any change in number or address in order to be able to communicate with all past donors. Collate all personal and business contacts you have, and begin getting in touch with each one of them.

Step 4: Be personal in your approach.

Although it's so easy to see everyone as a prospect for a donor, the easier way's to treat each one as a person. The approach differs from individual to individual, and that's why mass recruitment and bulk templates sometimes don't work.

True enough, fundraising will take time, patience, and perseverance. However, you'd be surprised at how generous people can be when you've hit the right chord. It's a whole, new symphony when all the support and assistance start coming in!

A well-earned sabbatical, that's when you can rest and relax. Stress-free for the moment, you'd have the time and energy to enjoy the fun side of your next fundraiser.