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How to Write a Better Executive Summary for a Resume by Brian Konradt

Brief as an executive summary is, it's the key to the success of a resume. Within this summary are the very key areas which make you good at the job you do. These key areas will be your main highlights whenever you write an executive summary for a resume.

Specifically, your key areas can be divided into four main parts, namely: Objective, Summary, Work History, and Education. As to what these four sections contain, let's take them step by step:

Step 1: State your objective.

Since you want to join the world of executives and corporations, you have to get used to the idea of executive decisions and corporate objectives.

Right now, your first objective of the day would be to write down your purpose in submitting a resume. Use one or two sentences expressed in the active voice and introduced by the preposition ‘to'. Suitable to the criteria they released, state the position you're applying for.

Step 2: Summarize your executive skills.

With ‘summary' as the keyword, take a hint that you're supposed to keep this section short and concise. The best way to organize your executive skills would be in a rundown list with bulleted points.

Keep in mind that you've got to assess which of these skills should top your list and how these skills should be arranged. From a list of your top 10 skills, it's advisable that you group them further. Segregate them into skills which are related to attitude and motivation, to communication, and to operational abilities.

In most executive summaries, motivation comes first and with good reason. Although many job applicants have adequate communication and office-related skills, few ever show the personality and work attitude which suits an executive position.

Summed up as your soft skills, they play an important role in how you manage to excel in your position as well as fit in with the organization.

As examples to the above, phrases like “excellent communication skills” or “proficient in programming” work wonders on your summary. So do keywords like “managing people”, “experienced in supervision”, “interpersonal skills”, and “service-oriented”.

Step 3: Enumerate your work history.

If there's one thing which human resources people pay much attention to, it would be related work experience. These are jobs which are helpful and relevant to the position you're applying for.

The rationale's that there are key competencies which you learn and develop on-the-job. Beyond the theoretical, these are operations-related skills which make your transition from job to job so much easier.

So if you hope to occupy a currently-vacant position, you'd better work on this part of your resume!

Step 4: Specify your educational background.

In a similar way, it's preferable if the degree you earned or the course you finished were closest to your employer's requirement.

Also, if you feel you lack the necessary job experience, then highlight your academic achievements and leadership skills. An interviewer just might take notice and give you the chance!

By now, have you realized how important an executive summary is to your job resume? It's so special that this one-page summary simply has to be included in your portfolio.

If there's anything which an executive summary's all-set to prove, it's not just that you're ready to take on the world and climb the corporate ladder. At the forefront of presenting you in a very personalized and itemized way, it's also to prove that this specific job has been tailor-made for you!