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How to Write a Better College Entrance Essay by Brian Konradt

The essay is only one part of your college application, but it makes a significant difference on whether you get accepted or not. Like any other written composition, it must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It must be well-organized and grammatically correct. But unlike any other paper you're submitting, it will tell a story of who you are and where you're coming from.

To deliver this paper with confidence, develop your skills on how to write a better college entrance essay. In your search for the right words, you may have read many samples. They're not representative of you, however, so you need to find your own voice.

More than a method which works for everybody else, you need to find a technique which works for you. So with a few simple steps, allow this guide to help you word your essay.

Step 1: Focus on a single topic.

If you had a choice, what topic would you really want to talk about? What subject would be closest to your heart? What's one thing which would make you talk comfortably without being at a loss for words?

These are the very material from which you can lift your topic. Remember: You have to focus on just one singular point. It must be one you're comfortable revealing since you'll have to put it into words. Being comfortable and confident in discussing it will also put you in a position of strength!

Step 2: Talk about a significant event.

Among all your life experiences, which one truly affected the way you look at the world? Which one made you want to change the world in your own little way? And which one made you change for the better?

In line with Step 1, this life experience is one which should have made you stronger and better. Despite the initial challenges, it must have made you want to do something good. It made you want to make something out of your life, such that now you're thinking about going to college.

When you apply Steps 1 and 2 in this way, you'd certainly have any admissions officer's approval! But then again, it doesn't end there.

Step 3: Be honest and sincere.

Since admissions officers and screening committees have probably heard every story ever devised in the book, please refrain from telling tall tales. Avoid using clichés which have been used by students countless times before. Most of all, keep yourself from being skeptical about people and cynical about life, no matter how painful and difficult your experiences may have been.

Plain and simple, just be honest. Tell your life experience as it is. Make all your years count just by lifting one single experience which has made you the person you are now – wanting to learn more and raring to go to school!

Step 4: Sound hopeful!

Give your essay reader an insight into your dreams and aspirations for the future. If it comes naturally to you, express these in a hopeful, enthusiastic tone. Most of all, start and end your college entrance essay on a positive note.

You know what? You'd be like a breath of fresh air to an admissions officer who's already read a pile of applications. After all, the bottom line's that college entrance essays aren't only a qualifying exam you need to undergo and pass. They're also a means of self-expression upon which you're listened to and heard.