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How to Write a Better Classified Ad by Brian Konradt

Posting your own classified ad can be tricky these days. Why? It's because they can get lost in all the muddle of get-rich-quick schemes which proliferate the ads section. However, you can do something about writing an ad copy which rises above the page. To get noticed and read, learn how to write a good classified ad.

Step 1: Say it with the right words.

Since an ad copy's such a short one, you'll need to limit your number of words. You have to get them right the first time around.

In this case, every character counts! Whether it's free or it's paid, you've got to stay within the limit and maximize on space.

If budget's an issue, of course, you'd also like to minimize on operational costs. The technique's to invest in the least number of words which still manage to get your point across.

Step 2: Sell your idea.

In line with Step 1, you've got to do more than say your idea. You have to sell it within the time frame that it's published online or printed on paper.

So how exactly do you sell your idea with a bigger chance of success? Well, there are terms which are huge on hits and high on searches. These are introductory words like "Win," "Earn," "Buy," "Take," or "Make Money." They also include exciting perks like "Free" and Freebies".

Both informative and promotional, these marketing cues lead to ad copies which become best-sellers. They promise good jobs and extra sources of income. They suggest additional benefits for readers who become regular customers, clients, or employees.

Step 3: Specify the help you want.

If your ad copy is more of the "Help Wanted" type, then say exactly who and what you need.

Do you need an experienced cook for your catering service? Do you want the help of a professional wedding planner for an upcoming event? Do you require the services of an accountant or bookkeeper to help you balance your finances? Do you wish to invite home-based entrepreneurs and housewives for a work-from-home job opportunity?

Just by these keywords, you'll be inviting a hoard of responses from interested (and hopefully, qualified) applicants.

Step 4: Appeal to your readers.

Whether you're offering help or asking for it, appeal to your readers. Sometimes, your ad's just begging to be noticed, simply because it's already offering the best deals at the lowest prices! But then again, why do some readers disregard your ad and skip your offer?

Here's the big deal. Maybe it's due to either a lack or an excess of presentation. In order for a classified ad to appeal to its audience, it must appear honest and legitimate. No one would like to take the risk of transacting with a scammer or closing a deal with one.

Step 5: Provide your contact information.

If you want to sound like an ad poster who's credible, then leave more than just one contact number. Don't be vague with just one email address. Combine these two resources by publishing them as your contact information.

Without necessarily revealing your complete identity, you only make it more convenient for those interested to contact you. It leaves the impression that you're open to inquiries and follow-ups. You'd be available for immediate questions and clarifications.

More or less, these cues indicate that you're sincere about finding help and getting it. Just by tone and content, you'll successfully write a good classified ad to attract the right person, at the right place, and at the right time.