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How to Write a Better Business Proposal by Brian Konradt

If you want to be in the middle of an ever-expanding business, then you have to be dynamic! Communication-wise, you've got to be fluent enough to write business proposals and sales bids. You've got to be patient enough to send out regular emails, fax messages, and all kinds of letters.

If you stagnate and refuse to grow, you'll be left behind in all the technology. You lose out on the potential for a business which is up, running, and booming!

Technology and industry aside, you have all the tools to help you write a better business proposal. Within you, you've got to tap on your inner resources and give it a try.

If you're serious about giving your next business proposal a good try, then here's the process by which you can achieve it:

Step 1: Check on terms and guidelines.

Most contractors and bidders proceed right to the target of getting the business that they overlook the importance of laying down a good proposal.

Sure, it does matter that you're one of the early birds to make a bid. But if want to worm your way to a good head-start, then planning matters too!

The technique's to check how you'll quickly achieve all the terms and comply with all the guidelines given. Double-check to see that you understood all instructions correctly.

Step 2: Bring some structure into your proposal.

In as much as you'd like to be spontaneous and free-flowing, a business proposal requires more. It demands some structure and direction.

It helps when you make an outline and draft your proposal first. It should be structured and directed towards making the customer realize that you're best for their business!

As an opening statement, briefly say what you've got to offer. Support it by telling how you're different as a provider. Follow through on how your customer can benefit from your services. End with the impression that you share the same objectives as they do.

Step 3: Give it clarity.

Right from the start, be clear about your objectives in writing. They must lead towards an end-goal of winning a bid and bagging the project.

In the job scene, clarity means learning how to structure your proposal and clarify your bid. If you're going to do it with productivity measures, then specify your target in terms of percentages and time frames.

If you're into consultancy in the production and engineering department, here's how one of your objectives could go: To reduce downtime in the performance of cement kilns by another 40% in the next two months.

Take note that the objective is brief, straightforward, and written in the active voice. It also starts with the preposition ‘to' which implies you're presenting a proposal.

Step 4: Make your proposal unique.

Any client or partner who's seeking to do business with you would want unique and original content. Uniqueness and originality could be your winning edge over other proposals which offer the same quantity at the same price.

Step 6: Go a step further. Go online!

If you want to explore an avenue where there's equal opportunity, then try writing a business proposal on the web. Online, you can bid as hard and as competitively as the rest. All opportunities being equal, it is work ethics and job efficiency which lands you a contract. Nothing can be more dynamic than an arena wherein your background only has to be related and relevant to the job.