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How to Write a Better B2B Ad by Brian Konradt

Business-to-business ads are such powerful marketing tools that it's a wonder how they fail to deliver. Here's why.

Unfortunately, when you search through B2B ads, one of their most common pitfalls is that they all look alike. Somehow, customers feel like they're dealing with a bunch of copycats. And because original ads are hard to find, most marketing campaigns have a grand launch and then just fizzle out.

If you're powering up for better B2B ads, here's what your writing should be geared towards:

Step 1: Focus on your marketing strategy.

In an intensive marketing campaign of this sort, the most important consideration is the ad copy itself! Essentially, it must be relevant to the public and related to your campaign. Like all web media, it should capture their interest and captivate their attention.

Most of all, these ads should be a call to action. They must build around a need and create a demand. In effect, this drives readers to search, inquire, and ultimately, order and buy.

Step 2: Utilize all your marketing tools.

In an effort to build ranks and boost searches, most online advertisers neglect to incorporate all available tools. Nowadays, everyone's much too focused on hits and scores that they miss out on applying the fundamentals of good ad copy.

Step 3: Focus on your target audience.

Obviously, everyone's concentrating too much on searches and results that advertisers are paying less attention to the individual searcher and his needs. Thus, although the stats are high, the responses in terms of actual sales and returns are actually low.

The key is to connect better with your readers. Be more attentive to current trends. Find out what their latest questions are. Learn more about what interests them the most.

Step 4: Create an ad which is unique.

Other than being driven by needs and demands, B2B ads also ought to drive traffic into your website. More than anything else, it's unique and relevant content which gets the job done!

To meet this challenge effectively, here are some useful techniques:
  • Empower your ads with a main message. Make your message read and heard in a descriptive phrase only 90 characters long.
  • Be strategic in how you use your keywords. Without overstuffing your ad copy, fatten up your ads with a catchy title and keyword phrases.
  • Right from your copy's first or second sentence, state who you are and what you do as a site. For example, start with something like “[name of your B2B site] designs high-precision instruments for laser surgery”.
  • Just like what we're doing right now, organize your content in numbered or bulleted list. This is an easy-to-follow format which most readers appreciate.
  • Lastly, always proofread to see that you've got good ad copy going for you. Don't let mistakes linger or get published out there in the B2B scene, lest your customers notice and tweet about it!

Step 5: Write B2B ads which are competitive.

It appears the key to being competitive is to offer something different. Once you make a difference, you'll establish your own identity. Your products and services will be marketed as a superior brand which is a cut above the rest.

Now if you'd really like to level-up and beat the competition, use 'you' more often than 'we.' Get ahead of many B2B sites that haven't realized that it's actually the customers who give them the business, and NOT the products and services that they provide!