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How to Write a Better Autobiography by Brian Konradt

From your own perspective, would you consider your life interesting? Do you think others would be interested too? If this makes you hesitate to talk about yourself and write your own autobiography, then think again!

If you look at the current trend these days, you'd see something that just might give you the inspiration to write. For some time now, people have been obsessed with reality shows. These are real stories of other people's lives on an ordinary, day-to-day basis. Sometimes it's funny. At times, it's sad. Most of the time, it's a real riot.

So just how would your life compare, if you need to compare at all? Your own personal life story is a reality show in the making. In fact, it's been in the making for so many years that maybe it's about time it were told! Wouldn't you just love being the one to tell it?

If you're ready to tell, then kiss the following steps good luck! They could be your ticket to fame, shame, or fortune, but who's to tell?

Step 1: Tell it like it is.

People tell their stories in different ways, but that's just how it is. There's an author in everyone, and this author can only share it from his or her own point of view.

This holds true for you, too. You're meant to tell each part of your story based on how you remember it or how it felt like at that particular moment. Good or bad, you'll have to relive certain memories and experiences. That's just what it is – a walk down memory lane.

Step 2: Add a little spice.

When we ask you tell it like it is, it's not that you have to sound boring or monotonous with your story. You don't even have to say it logically or arrange it chronologically at all.

All you've got to sound like is yourself. There's that human side of you which makes you warm, funny, and even irreverent at times. There's also that deeper side of you which can be serious, pensive, and even nostalgic about the past. After all, writing an autobiography allows you to reflect on your life.

Now, more than anything else, it's this humor, irreverence, and element of surprise which adds spice to the way you relate it! People who do know you will feel like you're conversing with them. People who don't know you will feel like you're talking to them. Remember: Everyone will be trying to get to know you, all over again…

Step 3: Be known and remembered.

Ask yourself: How would you want to be remembered? What would you like family, friends, loved ones, and even strangers to remember most about you?

In a way, an autobiography will be a legacy you leave behind. It will give your grandchildren and future generations something to talk about. In fact, it might even give your present generation a lot to chat about! It all depends on how colorful you life was.

Rather than ‘turning in your grave' or waking up someday to an unauthorized, inaccurate biography of you, you've got another option. The better option's to write your life story with authority, daring, and panache!

Apparently, there are advantages to telling your own life story. Ultimately, the pleasure and satisfaction's in being able to write a better autobiography which – as it turns out – will definitely be the best version of you!