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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!
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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!

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Free eBook: Writing Website Copy in Plain English

Writing Website Copy in Plain EnglishBig businesses, lawyers, doctors, and all upper "C-level" executives may use inflated words when writing a print document within the organization, but everyday consumers and information seekers do not have the same level of education as these trade professionals. Our free eBook, "Writing Website Copy in Plain English" shows you how to choose words and phrases carefully to capture your readers' attention and make your website easy to navigate to find information.

Plain English, also referred as plain language, is commonly used in both print media and online content. It's a generalized term used for communicating to readers with clarity, conciseness and less technical language. Writing in plain language for your website lets your diverse readership navigate your web pages and read your online content in a manner that's well-understood without unnecessary jargon.

The Internet is the most powerful tool. Using online content can drive many people to check your site. With easy-to-read content and navigation, you will attract consumers in a much-wider market.

"Writing Website Copy in Plain English" will help you cut out the big words, jargon, and mannerisms, and just write in plain English for the everyday person. Download our free eBook today!

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