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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!
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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!

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Free eBook: How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!

How to Write Clear, Readable Effective Sentences that Readers Love!Success in writing any type of formal correspondence for either business or for the general public depends on the ability to write clear-cut, effective sentences. Without this ability you fail to achieve the primary purpose of a message—i.e., to convey your thoughts in a manner that the reader easily understands them.

The sentence is the basic unit of expression. Whenever we need to convey a thought to another person, we use the sentence. We cannot so much as e-mail a customer or correspond with our boss without forming a sentence in our minds.

Failure to decide in your mind precisely what you want to say, or failure to determine how you want to say it, results in sentences that convey blurred and weak thoughts.

You can improve your ability to write effective sentences by studying and reviewing the important principles of sentence structure in this ebook. Follow our advice and review our many examples. By the time you have finished our ebook, you will notice an immediate improvement in how you construct, review and revise sentences.

What's Inside:
Success in Writing Sentences    4
Effective Use of Short Sentences    6
Effective Arrangement of Words    8
Emphasis and Force in Sentences    11
Importance of the Opening Sentence    13
Effective conciseness of expression; avoid wordiness    13
Variety in Sentence Structure    16
How to Avoid Careless and Awkward Repetition    19
Avoid Redundant Repetition of That    23
Effective Use of Repetition    24
Effective Balance of Constructions    27
Effective Starts and Stops    28
How to Create Climax in Your Sentences    34
Effectiveness of Active Voice    36
Specific Vs. General Style    37
Using Definite, Direct Statements    39

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