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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!
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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!

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Free eBook: Plain English Writing Handbook

PLAIN ENGLISH WRITING HANDBOOKOur free eBook, "Plain English Writing Handbook: How to write clear, concise and reader-friendly copy" gives you practical tips on how to write for your readers and create plain English documents. All of these tips come from experienced plain English experts who have already written or rewritten their documents in plain English.

Plain English means analyzing and deciding what information readers need to make informed decisions. A plain English document uses words economically and at a level the audience can read and understand. Its sentence structure is concise. Its tone is conversational and direct. Its design is visually appealing. A plain English document focuses first on the readers' needs so the writer can use the appropriate words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Our free eBook will help you write or rewrite using everyday words, short sentences, active voice, regular print, and personal pronouns that speak directly to the reader. You will learn all about the many plain English writing rules.

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