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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!

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The Book of Gobbledygook: Plain English Writing for Lousy Writers

PLAIN ENGLISH WRITING FOR LOUSY WRITERSIf writers in government, big business, organizations and academia are to succeed in these times of new technologies, new demands and new attitudes, we must improve our communications radically. We must abandon soggy formality and incoherence in favor of modern personal communications. Our free eBook, "The Book of Gobbledygook: Plain English Writing for Lousy Writers" paves the way of writing clear and concise copy in 16 critical essays.

Our communications have sometimes failed because of a fascination with the traditions of officialese, an in-grown compulsion to be impressively ornate rather than simply direct, to be "proper" rather than personal.

No longer can we allow gobblydegook clog communication lines. Every writer, worker or employee, regardless of rank or position, must adapt to the philosophy of simple, direct, personal communications.

THIS is not a grammar book for writers who think that if they only knew more grammar rules they could write more easily and better. Nor is it a theoretical textbook for those who think they can learn good writing by learning more theories about writing, for precious little writing is learned from gathering theories.

This book is a collection of essays, sometimes sharply critical essays, that deal with what's wrong with writing. And this book is filled will samples of countless "wrongs" which, added up, account for what people outside of government derisively call "government gobbledygook."

The convictions behind this book are simple and few: Government, corporate and business writers are trying to carry on the world's biggest, most complex business with outdated, outmoded, tradition-logged language based on an outdated, outmoded, tradition-logged philosophy of communications.

But those relatively simple days were "the days when," and they are no longer with us. Yet we go on writing a stuffy, literary-based language as though nothing had changed in the last hundred years.

It's now time government, big business, and organization writers realized that a revolution has taken place in American prose, a revolution that started years ago and is operating today at fever pitch.

Abandon the old, outdated methods of writing and learn how to write for today's readers. Download our free eBook today!

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