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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!
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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!

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Free eBook: The Complete Guide to Capitalization

The Complete Guide to Capitalization"The Complete Guide to Capitalization" details correct usage and common errors in English capitalization. Correct English capitalization is important in writing. If you are writing on the Internet, writing a thesis, or writing on behalf of your job, using the proper mechanics of writing shows that you are educated and you pay attention to details. An individual who lacks knowledge of proper use of capitalization in written communications comes across as sloppy and uneducated. Do you really want to communicate in lower-case letters only? Not unless you want to leave a negative impression of yourself. Our free eBook will teach you everything about capitalization.

Capital Letters are used to distinguish certain words to make your sentences-and thoughts-more clear to the reader. This free eBook addresses proper use of capitalization in:

a) the first word in a book;
b) the first word of a sentence;
c) numbered clauses;
d) first word of an example;
e) after an introductory word;
f) in an enumeration of particulars;
g) direct questions;
h) direct quotations;
i) proper names;
j) particular objects or events;
k) titles;
l) names of the deity;
m) geographical names;
n) names of important historic days;

and many more proper uses of capitalization.

"The Complete Guide to Capitalization" contains many examples for each usage of capitalization and has a one-page handout that you can print out at the end of the eBook for easy reference.

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