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Figures of Speech —

PersonificationPersonification is closely akin to the metaphor, but it goes further than an ordinary metaphor. It gives likeness and attributes of life to inanimate things. Personification is the most natural figure of speech. Children use it all the time to "personify" their dolls, action figures, and their pets. Personification is most common in fables, especially animal stories, and is the basis of allegory. Personification makes the most abstract conceptions teem with life. Because personification lets you animate lifeless things, they are very effective in most types of writing, especially in fiction and paranormal stories.

EX.— The run down house appeared depressed.
EX.— The ocean danced in the moonlight.
EX.— The words appeared to leap off of the paper as she read the story.
EX.— The waffle jumped up out of the toaster.
EX.— The thunder clapped angrily in the distance.
EX.— The avalanche devoured everything in its path.
EX.— The door protested as it opened slowly.
EX.— The fire ran wild.
EX.— Snow had wrapped a white blanket over the city.
EX.— The carved pumpkin smiled at me.
EX.— The stars winked at me.
EX.— The thirsty soil drank in the rain.

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