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Capitalization — Titles of Respect and Honor

RULE 1— Capitalize titles of office, of honor, or of courtesy when used as part of a name or as a substitute for a name; but not for explanatory or descriptive reasons.

EX.— President Wilson; the Archbishop of Canterbury; the Commander in Chief; Chevalier Ferrata; Baron Tennyson; Sir Walter Raleigh; Doctor Green; His Excellency; You will go, Major, to New York.

EX.— Governor Coolidge; Dr. Thomas Lipton; Colonel Scott; Senator Underwood; Lord Byron; Dean Joseph French.

RULE 2— Capitalize the names of offices and titles of honor, particularly those pertaining to the President of the United States, when they refer to a specific person or thing. (Do not capitalize presidential.)

EX.— The Governor signed a very important labor bill.
EX.— The Commander in Chief made a short address to the Business Men's League.
EX.— The Executive did everything in his power to favor his staff.

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