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Writing Styles for College StudentsLousyWriter.com has published a free ebook, entitled, "Writing Styles for College Students" to help college and university students learn how to master the three most popular (and sometimes troublesome) writing styles -- APA Style, Chicago (Turabian) Style and MLA Style.

Any student who has worked on a dissertation, thesis or graduate paper knows the difficulties in following a specific writing style. Students need to follow many writing and formatting rules as they write their papers. These difficulties include using correct margins, font style and size, pagination, headings and footers; as well as knowing how to cite and format sources, and which specific pages to include.

Retired university professor Peter Gallagher wrote, "Writing Styles for College Students" to condense the most commonly asked questions about APA Style, Chicago Style, and MLA Style. Gallagher shows students how to apply these writing styles as they work on their formal papers. He provides answers, guidance, and advice on:

1) How to start a thesis, dissertation or formal paper;

2) How to cite references for both online and offline sources;

3) How to format a paper in APA Style, Chicago Style, or MLA Style;

4) What "display" pages to include -- and what pages not to include;

5) When to use in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes as well as a bibliography page or reference list page;

6) When to use Arabic or Roman numerals to identify chapters, headings, parts, etc.;

7) How to present tables, figures, and illustrations;

8) expert writing advice regarding writing style and grammar usage; and so on.

"Many students have trouble starting their papers because they focus too much on how to setup their papers, instead of focusing on the actual writing," said Gallagher.

"Writing Styles for College Students" separates each writing style into short chapters, and helps students begin writing their papers immediately while guiding them along with the most essential formatting and writing rules.


You may also read or download our e-book at Archive.org

Our e-book is in.pdf format, which allows you to read our e-book on any computer or mobile device.

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