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How to Write Clear, Readable, Effective Sentences that Readers Love!

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A Cheat Sheet of Word Choices

Writers tend to use a lot of word varieties in their writing. Here is a list of common words and their substitutes to help you avoid wordy language. This cheat sheet will help you work for plain expressions rather than for the unusual. Always use the simplest words that the subject will bear.

Above and over, use more than.
Artiste, use artist.
Beat, use defeat.
Balance, use remainder.
Banquet, use dinner or supper.
Before yesterday, use the day before yesterday.
Casket, use coffin.
Claimed, use asserted.
Commence, use begin.
Cortege, use procession.
Couple, use two.
Enacted, use acted.
Endorse, use approve.
Inaugurate, use begin.
Item, use particle, extract, or paragraph.
Jubilant, use rejoicing.
Juvenile, use boy.
Last, use latest.
Lengthy, use long.
Loan, or loaned, use lend or lent.
Majority, use most.
Mutual, use common.
Official, use officer.
Parties, use persons.
Partially, use partly.
Past two weeks, use last two weeks.
Portion, use part.
Posted, use informed.
Progress, use advance.
Raid, use attack.
Realized, use obtained.
Reliable, use trustworthy.
Rendition, use performance.
Repudiate, use reject or disown.
Retire, as an active verb
Role, use part.
Sensation, use noteworthy
Standpoint, use point of view.
Stated, use said.
War, use dispute or disagreement.

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