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A Cheat Sheet of English Prepositions

A Cheat Sheet of English PrepositionsThe preposition serves as a link word to connect a noun or its equivalent with some other word in the sentence. In addition, prepositions indicate the relation between the substantive and the word to which the preposition links it. The relationship may be one of time, place, cause, degree, manner, means, accompaniment, agency, possession, origin, and a great many other things.

A preposition, accordingly, is a word usually "placed before" a noun or pronoun (or some word used as such) to show a relation of that noun or pronoun with some other word. A preposition is said to "govern," grammatically, the noun or pronoun taken with it, and with that noun or pronoun it forms a phrase.

It is easy and very common to misuse prepositions, such as to, of , from and at after a word. Our "Cheat Sheet of Proper Prepositions" will help you use the correct preposition for a word.

Abandoned to
Abate of
Abhorrence of
Abhorrent, to, from
Abide in, at, with, by
Abominable to
Abound in, with
Abridge of, from
Absent from
Abstain from
Abstinence from
Abut on
Accede to
Acceptable to
Access to
Accessory to
Accommodate to, with
Accompanied by, with
Accord (intrans.) with
Accord (trans.) to
Accordance with
According to
Account of, for, to
Accountable to (a person), for (a thing)
Accuse of
Acquaint with
Acquaintance with
Acquiesce in
Acquit of
Adapted to
Add to
Address to
Adept tit
Adequate to
Adhere to
Adjacent to
Adjourn to, at, for
Adjudge to
Adjust to
Admonish of, by, against
Admission (access) to, (entrance) into
Admit of, to
Advantage over, of
Advise of, to
Advocate for
Affection for
Affinity to, with, between
Agree with (a person), to (a proposal), upon (things or conditions)
Agreeable to
Aim at
Alienate from
Allude to
Alteration in
Ambitious of, to
Amenable to
Analogous to
Analogy to, with, between
Angry with (a person), at (a thing)
Annex to
Animadvert on, upon
Answer for, to
Antecedent to
Antipathy to, against, between
Anxious about, for, to (do)
Apologize to (a person), for (some act)
Apology to, for
Appeal from (one) to (another)/or (aid, justice)
Appertain to
Applicable to
Apply to
Apprehensive of (danger), for (one's life)
Appropriate to
Approve of
Argue with (one), against, for (a person or view), on (a subject)
Arraign for (treason)
Arrange with (one), for (something)
Array with, in
Arrive at
Ask of (a person, or one's health), for or after (a person, or thing), ask one to (a party)
Aspire to
Assent to
Assimilate to
Associate with
Assure of
Astonished at
Atone for
Attached to
Attain to
Attend to
Attentive to
Averse to, from, for, towards
Aversion to, from


Ballot for
Banish from, to
Banter (one) for (something)
Bare of
Bargain for
Battle for
Bear upon, with; bear witness against, in favor of
Beguile of
Believe in, on
Belong to
Bereave of
Bestow on, upon
Betray to (a person), into (a thing)
Betroth to
Bigoted to (opinions)
Bind to
Blame for
Blush at (one's vices), for (one)
Boast of
Border on, upon
Born to (good luck), into (the world), of (woman)
Bound to, for (London)
Brag of


Call on, upon, at, for
Capable of
Care for, to
Careful of, for
Careless of, about
Carp at
Catch at
Caution against
Certain of
Certify (one) of (a fact)
Change for, with
Charge on, or against (a person); charge (one) with (some act)
Clear (land) of (trees), (a man) from (debt), (a ship) for (action)
Coalesce with
Coincide, with (one) in (opinion)
Common to (several persons)
Commune with
Commit to
Communicate to, with
Compare to, with
Compatible with
Compliance with
Comply with
Composed of
Concede to
Conceive of; conceive (a purpose or ill-will) against (one)
Concerned at, for
Concur with, in, on, to
Condemn to
Condescend to
Conduce to
Confer (bestow) on, upon
Confer (consult) with (one) on, upon (a question)
Confide in, to
Conform to
Conformable to, with
Conformity to, with
Congenial to, with
Congratulate on, upon
Connect with
Conscious of
Consecrate to
Consent to
Consign to
Consist of, in, with
Consistent with
Consonant to, with
Consult with, about
Contend with, against, for
Contest with
Contiguous with
Contrast with
Contrary to
Conversant in, with, about
Convert to, into
Convict of
Convince of
Copy from, after
Correspond to, with
Correspondence to, with
Correspondent to
Covenant with, for
Cure of


Dash against, upon, into, through
Deal in, by, with
Debar of, from
Decide on, upon, in favor of, against
Defend against, from
Deficiency of
Deficient in
Defraud of
Demand of, from
Denounce against a person); denounce (one) for (misconduct), for (a traitor)
Depend on, upon
Dependent on, upon
Deprive of
Derive from
Derogate from
Derogation from
Derogatory to
Descended from
Deserving of
Desirous of
Desist from
Despair of
Despoil of
Destined to
Destitute of
Detach from
Detract from
Deviate from
Devolve on, upon
Devote to
Dictate to
Die of (disease), by (sword, famine) for (one, or for some cause)
Differ with (a person) in (opinion), from (a person or thing), in (some quality)
Difference between (things), in (quality, &c), on (questions)
Different from
Difficulty in
Diminish from
Diminution of
Disabled from
Disagree with, to
Disagreeable to
Disappointed of (a thing not obtained), in or with (a thing obtained)
Disapprove of
Discourage from
Discouragement to
Disengaged from
Disgusted at, with
Dislike to
Dismission from
Disparagement to
Dispense with
Dispose of, to, for
Dispute with, between, among
Dispossess of
Disqualify for, from
Disregard of
Dissatisfied with
Dissent from
Distinct from
Distinguish from, between
Divested of
Divide between (two), among (more than two)
Dote on
Doubt of, about
Dwell in, at, on


Eager in, for, after
Embark in, for
Embellish with
Emerge from
Employ in, on, upon about
Emulous of
Enamoured of
Encounter with
Encouragement to
Encroach on, upon
Endeared to
Endeavour after
Endowed with
Endued with
Engaged in, with, for
Enjoin on, upon
Enter on, upon, into
Entrance on, upon, into
Envious of, at
Equal to, with
Equivalent to
Espouse to
Estimated at
Estranged from
Exception from, to, against
Excluded from
Exclusive of
Expelled from
Expert in, at
Exposed to
Expressive of


Fall under, on, upon, from
Familiar with, to
Fawn on, upon
Fearful of
Feed on, upon
Fight with, against, for
Filled with
Fond of
Fondness for
Foreign to, from
Founded on, upon, in (truth)
Free from or of (faults), of (the City of London), with (money), in (conduct)
Friendly to
Frightened at
Frown at, upon
Fruitful in, of
Full of
Furnished with


Give to
Glad of, at
Glance at, upon
Glow with
Grapple with
Grateful to (a person), for favor)
Greedy of, for
Grieve at, for
Guard against
Guilty of


Hanker after
Happen to, on
Healed of
Hinder from
Hiss at
Hold in, of, from


Ignorant of
Immersion in
Impatient at, for, of
Impenetrable by, to
Impervious to
Impose on, upon
Inaccessible to
Incapable of
Incentive to
Incorporate into, with
Inconsistent with
Inculcate on, upon
Independent of, on
Indifferent to
Indulge with, in
Indulgent to
Influence over, with, on
Inform of, about, concerning
Initiate into, in
Initiation into, in
Inquire of, after, for, about
Inroad into
Insensible to, of
Inseparable from
Insinuate into
Insist on, upon
Inspection into, of, over
Instruct in
Insult over
Intent on, upon
Interfere with
Intermeddle with
Intervene between, in
Intimate with
Introduce into, in
Intrude on, upon, into
Inured to
Invested with
Irritated against, by (a person); at, by (a thing)


Jealous of
Jeer at
Join with, to


Knock at, on
Known to


Laden with
Land at
Laugh at
Lean on, upon, against
Level with
Liberal to, of
Liken to
Live in, at, with, on, upon
Loaded with
Long for, after
Lord over


Made of
Marry to, with
Meddle with
Mediate between
Meditate on, upon
Meet with
Militate against
Mingle with
Minister to
Mistrustful of
Mix with


Necessary to, for
Need of
Neglectful of
Negotiate with


Obedient to
Object to, against
Observant of
Observation of
Obtrude on, upon
Obvious to
Offend against
Offensive to
Offer to
Operate on
Opposite to
Overwhelmed with, by


Parcel out, among
Parley with
Part from, with
Partake of
Partial to
Partiality to, for
Participate in, of
Patient with, of, under
Pay for
Peculiar to
Penetrate into, through
Persevere in
Pertain to
Pitch upon, on
Play on, upon, with
Pleasant to
Pleased with
Plunge into
Possessed of
Pounce on, upon
Pour on, upon, into
Pray for, with
Predisposed to
Predominate over, in
Prefer to, before, above
Preferable to
Preference to, over, above, before
Prefix to
Prejudice against
Prejudicial to
Prepare for
Preserve from, for
Preside over
Press on, upon
Presume on, upon
Pretend to
Prevail on, upon, with (to persuade)
over, against (to overcome)
Prevent from
Previous to
Prey on, upon
Prior to
Productive of
Profit by
Profitable to
Prone to
Pronounce against (a person), on (a thing) Propose to
Protect (others) from, (ourselves) against
Protest against
Proud of
Provide with, for, against
Purge of, from
Pursuance of
Pursuant to


Quarrel with, among, about
Quarter on, upon
Questioned on, up n, by


Rail at, on (a person)
Reckon on, upon, with
Recline on, upon
Reconcile to, with
Recover from
Reduce to, under
Refer to
Reflect on, upon
Refrain from
Regard for, to
Regret for
Regular in
Rejoice at, in, on
Relate to
Release from
Relieve from
Relish for, of
Rely on, upon
Remain in, at
Remark on, upon
Remit to
Remonstrate with (a person), against (a thing), at
Remove from
Repent of
Repine at
Replete with
Repose on, upon
Repugnant to
Rescue from
Resemblance to, between
Resolve on, upon
Rest in, at, on, upon
Restore to, from
Restrain from
Retire from, to
Return to, from
Rich in
Rid of
Rob of
Rove about, at
Rub against
Rule over
Rush against, on. upon


Sated with
Satiate with
Saturate with
Save from
Seek for, after, to
Seize on, upon
Send to, for
Sensible of
Sick of
Significant of
Similar to
Sink into, in, beneath
Sit on, upon, in
Skilful in, at
Smile at, on, upon
Snap at
Snatch at
Sneer at
Solicitous about, for
Sorry for
Stay in, at, with
Stick to, by
Strip of
Strive with, against, for
Subject to
Submissive to
Submit to
Substitute for
Subtract from
Suitable to, for
Surprised at
Suspected of, by
Swerve from
Sympathize with


Taste of (a thing possessed), for (a thing desired or relished)
Tax with, for
Tend to, towards
Thankful for
Think on, upon, of, about
Thirst after, for
Touch at, on, upon
Transmit to
Triumph over
Troublesome to
True to
Trust in, to


Unison with
Unite with, to
Useful for, to, in .


Value on, upon
Versed in
Vest in (a person), with (a thing)
Void of


Wait on, upon, for, at
Want of
Weary of
Weep at, for
Witness of
Worthy of

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Yearn towards, for
Yield to
Yoke with
Zealous for

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